HER Demonstration - Quick Start Introduction

This demonstration uses a small set of 200 HER records kindly supplied by Clwyd Powys Archaeological Trust.
The map layers are limited to Ordnance Survey open data and Google and Bing maps feeds, although you can
use any vector, raster, grid data and web map services you are licensed to use.

The database and archive files are refreshed every night so any edits you make will be wiped.

Step 1.

Launch the HER application by clicking here.
Log in using the user name and password provided.

Please ensure you are using one of the following browsers :-



Firefox 35+
MS Internet Explorer 8,9,11+ v10 not tested
Safari 5+

Opera 26+
Google Chrome 40+

Step 2.

Select "Pick Tables - Core" from the home menu.

Step 3.

The "Pick Themes" panel shows all the Core themes which are available to browse / edit.
Accept the default options but also switch on the "Web GIS" option.
Click "Load Panels" ....

Step 4.  Performing a Simple Search (Text Selection)

Enter "breiddin" in the Name field of the search panel (top left). This will find all records with "breiddin" in any part of the name (not case sensitive). 16 records should be found.

In the results panel (bottom left) select "Breiddin hillfort".
The right hand panels will fill with records for the fort (90 images, 45 bibliography entries etc) and the map will pan to the extent of the map features.
Use the  tool in the map to view the attributes of the map points. These are a summary of the more detailed records shown in the panels below the map.
Use the button on the caption bar of any data panel to view and edit information for the selected row in the panel table.

Step 5.   Selecting Within the Map (Spatial Selections)

Selecting within the map will also refresh the search result panel (bottom left) so it is possible to view all HER data linked to a feature in the map.
Use the rectangle select tool to select a few points in the map.

Step 6. Combining a Spatial Selection with a Text selection.

1 Select a polygon in the Scheduled Monuments layer by using the select tool and clicking on the pink hatched region on Breidden Hill.
2 Select the Period : "Iron Age" in the search panel.
3 Select the Artifact Type : "Has Some".
4 Choose the Map Join : "within".
5 Click on Search.

This search returns 3 records within the Breidden Hill SAM region which are of the Medieval period AND have some artifact finds. 

SHS 29/10/2014